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- Carpet Stain Remover

With new formulation, for stain removal from carpet, sofa, furniture, car seat and etc.
  • - Penetrates deep inside the stain.
  • - Breaks down the stain.
  • - Takes the stain out.
With the approval of quality control lab of Mashad Carpet Co., Fadishe carpet stain remover is effective and completely takes out stains from food oil, tomato paste, tea,coffee, chocolate milk, soft drinks, shoe polish, make up, car engine oil, grease and etc.
  • - Open the nozzle to spray.
  • - Spray from 2-3 cm on the stained or dirty area.
  • - Wait for 2 or 3 minutes and wipe the stain with a clean and dry white towel until it is gone away.
  • - Rinse the towel thoroughly with water
  • - Rub the clean area with wet towel several times until all the dirt and foam is gone away
  • - If the stains not gone completely, re-do the procedure.

- White & Color Fabric Stain Remover

White & Color Fabric Stain Remover Starts to work in front of your eyes and takes out the toughest stains at first contact. Fadishe new stain remover has strong effect on tough stains such as food oil, ketch up, make up, fruits and especially dirt on collar and sleeves, that regular laundry detergent cannot take them out by itself.
  • - open the nozzle to spray.
  • - Spray from 2-3 cm on the stained or dirty area.
  • - wash manually or with automatic washing machine after 3 minutes.

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