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- Dishwasher Powder

With lemon fragrance, it is a blend of strong detergents and surfactants that penetrate in even hardened soils and remove dirt and soils from  your dishes. The combination of its detergents and other ingredients  are based on the latest formulations from Europe and will result in  clean and sparkling dishes

- Rinse Agent

After the washing cycle is complete and during the rinse cycle, small amount of the rinse agent is injected to the rinse water, and therefore, it breaks surface tension of rinse water and shortens the drying time and prevents dishes from water hardness spots and the result is sparkling clean dishes and glassware.

- 7 in 1 Power Tablets

With lemon fragrance, it contains cleaner & detergent, Rinse Aid, with its complex agents have the salt action, glass  protection polymer, power booster for extra cleaning strength, odor neutralizer and steel ware shine agent. Combination of its white, yellow and blue particles penetrates in hardened soils and softens and removes them from your dishes. The active oxygen content of the tablet penetrates  deep into soils and removes them as well as disinfects your dishes .The complexing agent of the product prevents lime  scale generation in your dishwasher and will result in clean,  spotless and sparkling dishes. The lemon fragrance of the tablet refreshes the dishwasher and prevents bad smell of dishwasher and the dishes.

- Water Softener Activating Salt

Water hardness prevents proper cleaning action of the detergents.Therefore, dishwasher has a softener unit built in that takes away water hardness.However, this unit needs to get regenerated to operate in optimal condition. Fadishe salt reassures regeneration  of the softener unit so detergents act  better and you will have cleaner and spotless dishes. In addition, using Fadishe salt will increase the life of your  dishwasher by eliminating unnecessary maintenance costs,  consuming less detergent, and consuming less energy and  these mean you save money!!!

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